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Improvement Marking

In a previously unmanaged stand, a large number of mature but defective trees will be present. Removal of these trees for sawlogs or firewood will allow a higher quality crop to replace them.


What is crop tree selection?

We will select individual trees, known as crop trees, based on factors that determine whether they can be expected to increase in size and improve in value.
This is crop tree selection.

Why is crop tree selection important?


As a woodlot owner, you can only work with what you have. So it is important for you to be familiar with your woodlot and what it contains. (A forest inventory can be very helpful. This is usually done as part of developing a management plan.)

When you select crop trees prior to harvest, you have an opportunity to decide which areas have the most potential, what treatment is appropriate, and where to concentrate your efforts in order to achieve reasonable economic returns in the future.

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