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White Oak

Quercus alba

Does not tolerate wet conditions, best planted in well-drained sites. Light Exposure: Full sun

White Oak

Q. alba typically reaches heights of 80 to 100 feet (24–30 m) at maturity, and its canopy can become quite massive as its lower branches are apt to extend far out laterally, parallel to the ground. Trees growing in a forest will become much taller than ones in an open area which develop to be short and massive. White oak may live 200 to 300 years, with some even older specimens known. Quercus alba is cultivated as an ornamental tree somewhat infrequently due to its slow growth and ultimately huge size. It is not tolerant of urban pollution and road salt and due to its large taproot, is unsuited for a street tree or parking strips/islands.

2 gal

75 cm

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