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Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor

Soil Preference: Acid soil, Moist, well-drained soil. Light Exposure: Full sun. Tolerant of salt, drought and heat.

Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor grows rapidly and can reach 60 to 80 feet (18 to 24 meters) tall with the tallest known reaching 29 m (95 ft) and lives up to 285 years. The bark resembles that of the white oak. In autumn, they turn brown, yellow-brown, or sometimes reddish, but generally, the color is not as reliable or as brilliant as the white oak can be. The fruit is a peduncled acorn, 1.5–2 cm (5⁄8–3⁄4 in) (rarely 2.5 cm or 0.98 in) long and 1–2 cm (3⁄8–3⁄4 in) broad, maturing about 6 months after pollination. In recent years, the swamp white oak has become a popular landscaping tree due to its relative ease of transplanting.

2.5 gal

120 cm

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