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Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum

Soil Preference: Moist, well-drained soil, Wet soil. Light Exposure: Full sun, Partial sun/shade

Silver Maple

Silver Maple is a relatively large tree that is often described as shimmering or dancing in the breeze as the silvery undersides of the leaves become exposed. Silver Maple is often grown for ornamental purposes and its shade qualities. It is also known for its ability for fast growth. Silver maple is often planted as an ornamental tree because of its rapid growth and ease of propagation and transplanting. It is highly tolerant of urban situations and is frequently planted next to streets. However, its quick growth produces brittle wood which is commonly damaged in storms. The silver maple's root system is shallow and fibrous and easily invades septic fields and old drain pipes; it can also crack sidewalks and foundations. It is a vigorous resprouter, and if not pruned, will often grow with multiple trunks. Although it naturally is found near water, it can grow on drier ground if planted there. In ideal natural conditions, A. saccharinum may live up to 130 years but in urban environments often 80 or less.

1 gal

100-120 cm

2 gal

120-150 cm

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