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Viburnum lentago

Very adaptable from full sun to shade, in dry sites to moist, wet sites. Flowers on old wood, prune after flowering to maintain size and shape. Moderate degree of salt tolerance.


The fruit is (unlike that of many viburnums) edible. The bark and leaves were also used by Native Americans in the preparation of herbal medicines. It is admired for its compact habit, its lustrous foliage which insects rarely disfigure, its beautiful and abundant flowers, its handsome edible fruit and its brilliant autumnal color. It readily adapts itself to cultivation, and is one of the best of the small trees of eastern America for the decoration of parks and gardens in all regions of extreme winter cold. It is easily raised from seeds which, like those of the other American species, do not germinate until the second year after they are planted.

1 gal

60-100 cm

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